MK6ix - MK8 IQ European Tail Light Harness (PnP)

MK6ix - MK8 IQ European Tail Light Harness (PnP)
MK6ix - MK8 IQ European Tail Light Harness (PnP)

MK6ix - MK8 IQ European Tail Light Harness (PnP)

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This harness presents an ideal choice for individuals aiming to transform their North American spec MK8 into a European spec model, allowing the use of ID European lights. It offers a smooth, effortless conversion process.

The harness is engineered as a fully plug-and-play solution, eliminating the need for coding or other alterations. This design ensures an easy, trouble-free installation, allowing you to quickly enjoy the benefits of your new setup.

A key highlight of this harness is its integration of two 4-pin and two 3-pin connectors, serving as junction points. This feature negates the need for any wire pinning or repinning during installation, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of errors or complexities associated with wiring.

In summary, this harness is an excellent, no-fuss option for those looking to convert their North American spec MK8 to a European spec harness and utilize ID European lights. Its user-friendly plug-and-play format make it one of the simplest and most reliable choices available.

This harness has been recently upgraded to include a provision for an optional separate brake signal. When utilized, this enhancement ensures that the turn signals stay illuminated even when the brakes are engaged, replicating the functionality of OEM except for the rear fog light. For those who consider the rear fog light essential, we recommend exploring our hardwire option.

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